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Jasmin Roy

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In Quebec, cyberbullying affects an increasing number of teens and young people. To raise awareness among the population, the Fondation Jasmin Roy whose mission is to fight bullying and violence at school wanted to communicate its message in an impactful and evocative manner. A series of posters showing students at school that are looking at their mobile phones was created. On each poster, the student’s hand reveals a shape that visually illustrates the extent of the harmful repercussions of cyberbullying. The students’ photos are strongly supported by the tagline – Cyberbullying affects too many youth. We must report it – which is direct and powerful, and reminds us all that cyberbullying shall be promptly reported. The message is simple yet emotionally charged, and assuredly strikes a chord.

Photographer & Director

 Jean Malek

Creative team

Pacha Ducharme
Étienne Soucy


Ogilvy Montreal

Sound mix

Apollo Studio

Photo assistant

Mathieu Létourneau