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From a bikini-clad beauty queen to grabbing 'em by the p****: Most shocking moments of Donald Trump's presidential campaign are re-imagined in series of disturbing pictures.

Promise Kept / Locker Room series

Images of a bikini-clad beauty queen called 'Miss Housekeeping' and a literal interpretation of ‘p****gate’ are among the disturbing photographs depicting the most shocking moments of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In a series titled ‘Locker Room,’ New York-based Canadian photographer Jean Malek used extras from Montreal to create photographs that sum up the ‘surreal’ nature of the billionaire businessman’s bid for the White House.

Malek said he wanted to create the photographs to document for posterity what he described as an ‘unprecedented’ and ‘entertaining’ campaign.

‘It’s like reality TV, it’s surreal. I don’t think we will ever see a campaign like this again,’ Malek told

We’ll make it great / Locker Room series

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